May 2019

John A. Macdonald: A Modern and Progressive Leader

In the late 19th century, John A. Macdonald was celebrated as a great man, but time has changed the definition of a ‘great man’. Macdonald is known for leading the scattered provinces of pre-Canada to confederation, being the nation’s first… Continue Reading →

In-Depth #6

Over the past four weeks, I have met with Liza to learn more about Modern Calligraphy and Improvisational/Freehand Modern Calligraphy. Improvisational Calligraphy differs from regular Modern Calligraphy in that it can trespass guidelines and have lines that leave the letter… Continue Reading →

Biography Check In

Passage #1 “Marshall later claimed that his earliest memory, dating from this [1913] time, was a view of the Peace River in Edmonton, seen from a streetcar on a bank overlooking the river. According to this memory, he saw horses… Continue Reading →

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