I recently had my first meeting with my new mentor, Liza Child. We got along very well and didn’t particularly disagree on any subjects. However, she did find that my plan to learn three completely different scripts was a little too ambitious and needed some editing. I stayed very open minded during this discussion because I recognized that she knows a person’s learning speed for calligraphy much better than I do because she is an expert in calligraphy and because she has led several different workshops in calligraphy before. However, I made sure to comment on the fact that I would be open to a more frequent learning schedule to learn more about calligraphy and to maintain a challenge. From this, we have designed a more attainable and practical learning process that relates directly to her expertise and to my goals.


First, I will start by trying out the first two basic scripts on which all modern and traditional calligraphy is based on: Spencerian and Copperplate. After I have tried both, I will pick one that I will study more in-depth, to a point that I thoroughly know and understand all the letter forms and rules of that script. With this knowledge, I will have a base from which to start exploring modern calligraphy. Modern calligraphy allows more room for personal preference and creativity and doesn’t have to strictly follow the unmoving rules of traditional scripts; however, it is based off traditional scripts and therefore requires the knowledge of a traditional script to learn. I will start learning modern calligraphy by learning the modern script that my mentor has developed and uses for her own projects. This will help me understand the difference between a traditional script and modern calligraphy and will help me start designing my own style and script of modern calligraphy towards the end of the project.


Due to the time I lost during my search for a mentor, I have not had any advances with learning calligraphy. However, Liza and I have planned a more rigorous and frequent meeting arrangement to make up for the time I lost. This will also greatly aid me with the catch-up blog post that I aim to have finished by next Sunday. After the first meeting and a lot of planning, I am very excited and looking forward to my next meeting to learn more about traditional scripts and modern calligraphy.