For the ZIP project this year, I chose the question ‘What challenges does one face when translating poetry from Russian to English?’. I chose this question because I have read a lot of Russian poetry but have rarely seen it translated into English. I have always wondered why there is little Russian poetry translated to English, so now I want to try translating poetry for myself to find the challenges and understand why there is so little translated poetry. I am also excited to merge my Russian and English skills into one project. Currently, I am proficient in both English and Russian, which will help me in translating the poetry. I have also read a lot of Russian poetry, so I know good and simple poems to start for translation, and some complex ones to challenge myself. I hope to effectively learn how to translate poetry while retaining the rhyming scheme, general idea of author and story of the poem. I can approach my parents or my former Russian School teacher for advice on picking Russian poems and for translating. I can also use the internet and books from my parent’s library to access Russian poems and translated poems as examples for my own translations. I will present my learning through a written document with explanations and analysis of an original Russian poem, and then the translation for that poem. Here is a schedule for how I will complete this project.

Jan. 7 – Jan. 11: Reading and analyzing Russian poetry and translations.

Jan. 14 – Jan. 18: Start translating poetry.

Jan. 21 – Jan. 25: Edit poetry and compile the final written document.