One of the most impressive things about Ralph is that he has retained a leadership role throughout the book and during my scene. He displays this when he was confronting Jack about letting the fire out: “’I was chief, and you were going to do what I said. You talk. But you can’t even build huts–then you go off hunting and let out the fire—‘ (pg. 111). However, this scene also shows that Ralph can sometimes let his emotions get in the way of leadership: “(…) his voice came again on a peak of feeling. “There was a ship–,” (pg. 111). In this scene, Ralph wants to get off of the island. However, Ralph fears that he will never get off this island if he doesn’t re-ignite the smoke signal in time. He demonstrates this by screaming “Come back! Come back!” at the ship (pg. 107). In this scene Ralph is facing the internal conflict of dealing with the fact that the boys’ only way off the island was gone. An external conflict that he was facing was him trying to get up to the top of the mountain and lighting the fire in time. The development of Ralph so far is believable. Ralph entered the story as a ‘Mary Sue’ character, mature for his age and a good leader; however, just for a moment, this scene shows Ralph have the frustration and desperation of a child. We can also see the position of chief wearing away at his patience. I am not so critical with Ralph’s behavior because in this scene the fault of the fire going out is not on him. I also understand his frustration because the other boys’ mistake was quite devastating to him and the other boys. I am pleased with how the development is going so far because Ralph started as a ‘Mary Sue’ character, which means that he will either have a dip in character development or have a complete decline as a character. I think that we should not look up to Ralph. Even though he is a good leader so far, one third of the way through the book we can already see his flaws start to show and we can see that he is wearing out as a leader. In this scene, Ralph is failing to lead the group of boys that he was named ‘chief’ of because most boys don’t care about doing work. I can relate to this because there are times when I have had to lead a group, but they do not listen or do not do any of the work that is assigned to them. I think that I would have approached the situation in the same way as Ralph because he retained his temper and was also stern during the confrontation with Jack.