To conclude, our colony wants to confederate. We think that we will be a great province for the Dominion of Canada because currently, we are an economic powerhouse, and with your help we can continue fueling the country with our powerful economy. However, as a small province with a small amount of taxpayers, we cannot assume other provinces debt if we want to continue to sustain our current economic state. We would also require imported raw materials from other provinces, due to most of our economy relying on us producing products out of raw materials. This would work great because our colony has a lot of port cities to export these products. To get these raw materials to New Brunswick, the cross Canada railroad would have to be extended to our main port city, St. John. The railroad will be also put to use on the way back across Canada, as we have raw materials like timber and potatoes to export ourselves.

Now, onto our second point. Britain has the finest navy in the world, and one of the finest armies. If we confederate, it will no longer be obligated to protect New Brunswick in cases of invasion. New Brunswick is a province with lots of coastal area, which is a weak point against assailants, and it also borders America, which as we know from the Fenian Raids, can invade the future Dominion of Canada. Due to these threats, we have to be guaranteed protection by the rest of Canada from invaders.

As New Brunswick is a colony with a smaller population, we want to be fully represented in government, which means no representation by population. New Brunswick is also a place where there are many minorities like Irish, Scottish, and Black settlers, and we would like government to be open to and to represent these minorities. We feel that it is important to hear these people’s voices in government because, if we confederate, a large population of the country will consist of these minorities.

That concludes the final address of New Brunswick. Thank you.