Dear Cuthbert,

My father finally passed today. The doctor said he died in the night, while he was sleeping. The doctor looked strange, he wore a funny looking bird mask and a long cloak. I am almost relieved now, taking care of father took so much of our time, mother was exhausted and we rarely had food on our plate. Anyways, there’s no time to mourn because now there’s a big problem. Father was our main source of income and now I have no idea where my mother, little Nicholas and I will get money for bread. Now that he’s gone, I will have to be the one that brings home bread for the family. Mother wouldn’t be able to get a job, Nicholas is only six and nobody will want to hire me because I’m only thirteen. I thought so hard about what other ways I could make money. A newspaper boy maybe? No, it wouldn’t be enough to supply the whole family. I’ve thought it over and I think there are no other options left except one, the common thief. There is no other way to make money, unless I want to starve. After all, I think I’ll be rather good at it and it’s really not that hard, only reaching into people’s pockets and taking their money out. It will be enough for food and I’m too fast to be caught by those heavy rich men. If you want to, you can join me. You can put on little acts to trick people into looking one way, while I steal from behind. I know you don’t need the money, but if we save up, maybe we could go up to the theatre together. What fun that would be! I know how you love to watch those actors perform and I know that you love to pummel them with anything lying on the floor even more. Anyways, we’ll see each other soon, I hope. I’m down at the square most of the time so if you need me, you know where to find me.

Your best friend,