Over the past two weeks I have been learning more about the software I am using and my first song is now in full development. I am now pretty comfortable with the program that I am using and I feel that I know it pretty well. However, the program is so powerful, intricate and full of tools, that whenever I feel like I have learned everything about the program, I discover a whole new realm of devices, functions and editing tools. I also managed to connect my keyboard to my computer for more efficient and effective track making. The most difficult mentoring challenge so far has been coordinating times to meet with my mentor. This is difficult because she works as a piano teacher and has a busy and varying schedule. However, during our mentoring sessions, we get along very well and we are very productive. She is very good at explaining things effectively and interestingly, so I am always engaged in the mentoring session. One thing I could improve on is my preparedness for the mentoring session. I often find myself forgetting questions and comments that I wanted to say during the meeting. One way to solve this is to write notes or lists at home with simple reminders about comments or questions I wanted to ask.