My question for ZIP is: What makes a story scary or disturbing? I became interested in this question after reading the Veldt. Even though it wasn’t a horror story and I have read stories with murder in them many times before, I found myself unusually disturbed after reading the Veldt. I became very interested in what makes people disturbed or scared from reading stories. I have read a lot of creepy stories online and I am excited to read more of this literature and try to uncover the things that make a story scary or disturbing. Through this research I hope to improve my writing skills, specifically for short stories. I do not know a lot about this topic currently but I have read some horror stories and I already have some ideas as to what makes a story scary. For support during this project I can approach my peers, teachers and parents to help me with surveys for research and for tips on writing. Some other resources to help me research and complete my inquiry are online resources for writing tips and research for my question, or forums like No Sleep on Reddit, where people share scary and creepy stories. I would like to present my learning in the form of an in-class lesson, where I will teach my classmates about the key factors that make a story scary or disturbing.

Here is my schedule for completing my project:

Week 1: Refine inquiry question. Read horror/disturbing literature. Start to do research about what makes a story scary or disturbing.

Week 2: Take surveys from class about what they find disturbing and/or scary. Do more research on my question. Study the horror/disturbing stories I picked for similarities in plot, characters and setting.

Week 3: Finalize research. Put research into one document.

Week 4: Work on PowerPoint and lesson.

Winter Break Week 1: Finish PowerPoint and lesson.

Winter Break Week 2: Practice PowerPoint and lesson.