For my document of learning I decided to show the main parts of my learning center and describe their purpose:

1.    Tinker Hatfield’s Sketching Table

For my center piece I recreated Tinker Hatfield’s designing table. It had printed out many shoe sketches by Tinker Hatfield that I placed messily with pencils, rulers and


pens on the side to look like Tinker had just left his desk. This was made to show the people how much work and time was put into each shoe. It was also to show how many rough drafts and models were needed before the final design for the shoe was created. I made sure that I had some pictures of final designs so that the audience could match the rough drafts to the final copies.


2.    Guess the Colorway

This was a game that I used as my interactive activity. It had pictures of different color combinations (colorways) for shoes designed by Tinker Hatfield, me-and-mananaand the audience had to guess what the colorway was named. At first the game might seem like just a fun little guessing game, but it is an easy way to describe sneaker culture to people who are unfamiliar with the term. Sneaker culture is when the history of sports and large, worldwide events is shown through specific colorways and details in shoes. This is important because Tinker Hatfield’s designs were the origins of sneaker culture. When creating a shoe, he found inspiration in sports events for colorways. Therefore, people could trace the colorway to the year it was released and, from the name of the colorway, know what important occurrence happened that year that influenced designers to create the colorway.

3.    Tinker Hatfield Timeline

This timeline had Tinker Hatfield’s early life along with his greatest achievements and designs. I created this timeline to show my audience how many img_9363obstacles and setbacks Tinker had faced in his early life and before his success in the shoe industry. This timeline doesn’t have all of his shoes, but only his most known ones so that my audience could recognize and understand him better. I found that a lot of my visitors were amazed that this one man created so many shoes that they own, have seen on the feet of celebrities or in famous movies.

4.    Tinker Hatfield Documentary

As an additional part of my learning center, I had a documentary playing about Tinker Hatfield. It was a small piece of my learning center but I feel like it worked well. It attracted audience and kept them interested after viewing my learning center and talking to me.