1. Abstract: The Art of Design “Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design”.

Netflix Originals. 2017.

This Documentary was extremely helpful because it showed the challenges Tinker Hatfield faced before and during his career with shoe design. It also had video interviews with Tinker Hatfield which helped me learn more about him as a person and interviews with Michael Jordan which were helpful for my speech.


  1. Balana, Ben. “Tinker Hatfield: Architect Turned Shoe Designer.”

          Delabuzz, 2 Sept. 2014, delabuzz.com/tinker-hatfield-architect-turned-shoe-designer/7056.

This website was extremely helpful for my learning center timeline because the website depicted Tinker Hatfield’s greatest achievements and designs. It also had great pictures of early sketches and shoes which I used for my learning center.


  1. Edler, Brandon. “30 Years In The Making: Tinker Hatfield’s Best Sneaker Designs.” Complex, Complex, 20 Oct. 2016, complex.com/sneakers/2011/07/30-years-in-the-making-tinker-hatfields-best-sneaker-designs/.

This website had many great pictures of Tinker Hatfield’s sneakers and descriptions about those shoes. I used the pictures for my learning center’s guessing game and timeline. The shoe facts and descriptions were great to know when talking to people who came up to my learning center.


  1. Jerzy, Robert. “Tinker Hatfield Interview.” Highsnobiety, Highsnobiety, 3 Mar. 2015, highsnobiety.com/2015/03/03/tinker-hatfield-michael-jordan-interview/.

This website is a written version of an interview where Tinker Hatfield talked about his friendship and work with Michael Jordan. This helped me greatly with my speech because I was talking from the point of view of Michael Jordan.


  1. Bengtson, Russ. “25 Must-See Design Sketches of Your Favorite Sneakers.” Complex, Complex, 6 Oct. 2017, www.complex.com/sneakers/2013/03/25-must-see-design-sketches-of-your-favorite-sneakers/air-mag.

This is a website that had many pictures of rough sketches that shoe designers made before making the shoe. A lot of these were pictures of Tinker Hatfield’s sketches. These were printed out and used to recreate Tinker’s sketch desk for my learning center.