Louis Vuitton Introductory Blog Post

“In the blink of an eye he exchanged the cloth frock and hobnailed shoes of a worker for the courting outfit of the day. The transformation was spectacular, but it required all the know-how of the store’s department manager, since Louis’ shoulders… Continue Reading →

The Danger of a Single Story

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche warns us about the danger of the ‘Single Story’ in her TED Talk. I think her main point in this talk is that multiple perspectives are necessary to create a full story and much more perspectives are… Continue Reading →

1/3 Lord of the Flies Response

One of the most impressive things about Ralph is that he has retained a leadership role throughout the book and during my scene. He displays this when he was confronting Jack about letting the fire out: “’I was chief, and… Continue Reading →

Stuart McLean’s “Emil”

Stuart McLean’s “Emil” offers readers a look on different perspectives of the debate on whether or not to give money to homeless people. It mostly focuses on Morley’s perspective, which is that homeless people are just as human and needing… Continue Reading →

Task C: Final Response

The best lens to watch George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope is through the Social Power lens. This is due to most of the movie being about the conflicts between different social classes and two parties with different political… Continue Reading →

New Brunswick Final Address

To conclude, our colony wants to confederate. We think that we will be a great province for the Dominion of Canada because currently, we are an economic powerhouse, and with your help we can continue fueling the country with our… Continue Reading →

TED Talk Final Science 9 Project

My TED talk question is “To what extent does extended cell phone use connect to negative genetic mutations and cancer?”. In this video I talked mostly about how the RF and EMF waves emitted from cell phones can affect our… Continue Reading →

Independent Investigation #2

Inquiry Question: To what extent did Tecumseh’s military and leadership skills affect the outcome of the War of 1812?  A: Historical Significance Outline the focus of your inquiry and provide background knowledge. Why is this an important and significant question… Continue Reading →

Ecological Footprint Assignment

My ecological footprint came out to 7.45 hectares after I used the Ecological Footprint Calculator. I then did some research and found that Canada’s average ecological footprint per capita is 8.18 hectares, which means that my ecological footprint is 0.73 hectares below… Continue Reading →

Hamilton: Hurricane Blog Post / Analysis

A: Character Development The song Hurricane plays an important role in the musical Hamilton because it shows how Alexander Hamilton develops into a person that understands the importance of honesty. This moves the plot forward because it shows how Hamilton… Continue Reading →

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